How to add website on google search console

Add website on Google Search Console is a blogger’s first and foremost task. It’s a free tool from Google that will get you all the information you need for your website.

From here you can find out the performance of your website, if there is any internal problem, you can find out which search queries your website is getting more clicks. In a word, the prescription for your website is Google Webmaster Tools.

In this article, I will show you how to add website on Google search console. So let’s get started without delay. The website that I will add to the Google search console is a free website that is made in Blogger. The same process has to be followed for any wordpress website.

If you want to know how to create free website on Blogger then follow this link.

Add website on Google Search Console(for both Blogspot and WordPress)

  1. First go to Google Search Console

2. Click on “Start Now” Button

Add Website On Google Search Console

3. go to left up corner and click on “Add Property”

Add Website On Google Search Console

4. You will see this kind of pop-up. Put your website URL here and scroll down and click on the “Continue” button.

Add Website On Google Search Console

5.Now you have to verify your ownership. You can verify your ownership through these four methods. The easiest and most convenient of these is the HTML tag.

Add Website On Google Search Console

6. You will see a HTML code that you have to copy.

how to verify ownership

For Bloggers blog You have to Do this

7.1. Now go to blogger dashboard and click on Theme -> Edit HTML, You will see a Head Tag like this👇. Keep the pointer after the head section and click Enter. Basically, after this head section, you have to put this HTML tag. Click on Save.

Add Website On Google Search Console

7.2. Now go back to search Console and click on “Verify”.

If all of these processes successful, then you will see link this

Add Website On Google Search Console

For a WordPress site, you have to do this

8.1. After copying HTML tag go to your WordPress dashboard click on Appearance > Theme Editor > Header.php and you will see head tag like upper picture. press the enter and paste that HTML code.

Add Website On Google Search Console

Again you have to do the same process that I mention on 7.2.

Ok now you are all set to track your website.

But before that, you need to add one more thing to Google Search Console that is Sitemap. If you start your blogging journey then, you don’t want to do these common blogging mistakes

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