How to create a free blog on blogger that makes money in 2021

So you want to be a blogger but you don’t know where to start or you know blogger(Blogspot) is free to start your blogging journey.

Ok, I tell You frankly!!

Creating A Free Blog ON Blogger is not a big deal. It’s very easy and simple. I show you how you can create a free blog on blogger(which is s google platform) using some free tools.

When you follow this article step by step, you will understand how easy it is to create a blog on Blogger. and at the end of this article, I will answer some common questions that appear in mind when I start my blogging journey here in Blogspot.

How To Create A Free Blog On Blogger

We will go step by step ok!!

Step 1 : Creating a Gmail account

I know you have it, but if you don’t have one, you must create a Gmail account. Because without it you can’t create a blog.

Step 2 : Go to

Go to and Sing Up. this is the first step in this site.

After that choose a name of your blog

Create A Free Blog on Blogger

Choose any name. This is not your domain name so feel free. This will only identification of your blog that only you see.

Let’s suppose I give my blog name “My Blog” !!

Next you need to choose you blog URL👇

Create A Free Blog On Blogger

In this case, you need to make sure that there is a unique domain name. If it has been used in the past, it will show you a text(sorry, this blog address is not available) in red below.

Let’s suppose I give my domain name ““!! then I click On save.

and you are at the dashboard which is look like this👇

Create A Free Blog On Blogger

Step 3 : Template selections

Now go to the theme section and select a perfect theme for your Bloggers blog. You can change the template whenever you want. I will give you a site where you find all kinds of templates for your bloggers’ blogs.

The site name is –

Quick Guide: Always select responsive and SEO friendly Templates. That will help you to rank on google.

Step 4 : Optimize your Blog

Go to Settings!

I work through you all the important part so please read carefully. and in this section which is Enable, keep it Enable.

Let’s go step by step here-

1st Description:

Write a description about your blog.

2nd Blog language:

The language in which you will write the blog, you have to select the language here.

3rd Adult content:

Keep it Disable

4th Google Analytics Property ID:

This is an ID from which you can view your blog data. Here’s how to add your blog to Google Analytics.

5th Favicon:

A favicon is a small 16×16 pixel icon.

I hope you know YouTube Icon!!

Yes that is favicon.

you also create you best favicon here for free.

In the Publishing Section:

you can add your custom domain here and enable redirect domain section.

In the Formatting Section:

Select your time zone here. Else leave as it is.

6th Meta Description:

Here you have to write on the topic of your website. You need to add some keywords related to your topic that you think you will blog about later. But remember that your description should be within a maximum of 150 words.

When someone searches your website on Google, it will show this description at the bottom of your URL. So it should be written in mind that when a user sees your website. He should look at this description and understand what topics you have covered in your website.

7th In Crawlers and indexing Section:

Enable Custom Robot TXT

you need to create your TXT file here.

Here you can create Custom robots.txt

If you want to see how to create then click here

After completing this section. It will look like this👇

Now comes to the main thing. It’s time to introduce your site to Google.

Here is how you can add your site on Google Search Console

8th Monetization:

It will look like this

Create A Free Blog On Blogger

Enable it when you Approved for Google Adsense.

Step 5: Add Some Important Page

After clicking on the page section, you need to create some pages that are useful for getting Google AdSense approval.

Those pages are-

  1. Contact Form( How To Add A Contact Form in Blogger Step By Step)
  2. About Us
  3. Privacy Policy
  4. Disclaimer ( If you want to create an Affiliate Marketing Site)
  5. Terms And Condition

How To Create Post on Blogger Blog

1st step:

After landing on the main dashboard of You have to click on the “New Post” Button which is clearly visible on the left up corner.

Create A Free Blog On Blogger

2nd Step:

After clicking on this you will appear to the creating page. Which is look like this👇

Let’s know each part of it

How To Create A Free Blog On Blogger That Makes Money In 2021
  1. This is going to be your blog title
  2. you can change the View format from “Compose view” to “HTML view”
  3. Redo And Undo buttons
  4. Click to change the front of the later
  5. Click to change the size of the word or sentences
  6. you can change the heading here
  7. here you can make Bold the sentences, underline them, add text color, Add background-color
  8. Here you can insert URL by selecting any word or sentences
  9. Click here to Insert Image
  10. Click here to insert a video
  11. Click here to insert special characters
  12. In this section, you can align your sentence suitably
  13. here you can create a Bullet list, Number list, Quote text, Insert Jump break
  14. Here you have to give a level of your blog. Readers will search your blog post with these levels. Levels should be written with that in mind. After writing a level, click on Enter.
  15. Here you can schedule your blog post.
  16. Entering this option you can Custom your permalink or keep it as it is. This going to be the URL of your post. TIPS: try to keep your main title as your permalink. This is the part of On-Page SEO
  17. You can add location from here.
  18. Click on Search Description. Here you have to write a description related to your post. Try to keep it under 150 words. Because when the reader searches your post, Google will show the reader this description where the maximum is 150 words, so keep it short and targeted. TIPS: Try to put keywords on the description.
  19. In this section, you can allow or Do not allow the readers to comment.
  20. Custom Robot Tags – Keep it as it is.
  21. and this is the heart of your blog. here you talk to your readers like I talk to you now!! Try to write SEO friendly blog.

So your are ready to start your Blogging Journey. Cheers!!!

How To Apply for Google AdSense on BlogSpot (some quick tips)

Click on Earning tab on BlogSpot Blog.

You will see this tab👇

click on Create Google AdSense Account

How To Create A Free Blog On Blogger That Makes Money In 2021

Then you will appear on this page below

How To Create A Free Blog On Blogger That Makes Money In 2021

fast you see your website name which is already there. in Get More out of AdSense tab select the Yes option. Because they send you valuable information regarding Google AdSense that will help you later.

Next select your Country.

Agree to there Terms of service. Besides, you have no other option (Just kidding!!!)

Click on Create Account.

Next, give your payment address details and click on Submit.

How To Create A Free Blog On Blogger That Makes Money In 2021

and This is it. It will take some time to approve your application. After approving you are ready to place ads on your site and make money with blogging.

Quick suggestion: Please, never apply for Google Adsense as soon as you start a blog. I always say that Blogging is a game of patience. Keep blogging and apply for AdSense whenever you see minimal traffic coming to your site and you have good authority with Google.

Doing so will greatly increase your chances of getting AdSense approved.

I have seen many new bloggers apply for AdSense with Google in the hope of making money within a few days of starting their blogging journey and Google rejects it as usual. Then all these bloggers lost their way in the middle.

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