Smart Link Review- Don’t Buy This Without My Bonuses

Smart Link Review

Smart link Review



Why your links don’t work…

Did you know your links aren’t working..?

Does your link Cloaker do what it’s supposed to?


Most have more than one of these problems:

 – not protecting links from affiliate networks that are ‘unapproved’ by big social sites

 – ugly shortened links that don’t create visitor trust

 – redirected cloaked links flagged & blocked by social networks 

 – sending traffic to dead or expired offers/pages

 – no metadata on social sites – the lack of descriptions & images reduces trust & clicks


it’s another one of those dirty little secrets that stops you from getting the real success you deserve!


if you’ve been an affiliate for more than a week or two you’ll probably already know you

need to cloak your links to protect your commissions…

have you tried posting an affiliate offer from JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank etc. on Facebook recently?


and it’s not just FB, most big social media sites have started blocking a whole bunch of affiliate network links, they give you a message saying your link doesn’t meet their ‘standards’…


it’s painful, and expensive, to us affiliate marketers, we’re losing a massive chink of our audience!


which is why the new ‘Smart Link’ plugin for WordPress is so amazing, it fixes this!


you can post to the big social sites again…


and it’s the simplest way I’ve seen for tracking which of your links get clicked, so you tell straight away where your traffic is actually coming from!


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So What is Smart Link?


WP SmartLinks is the next generation of link Cloaker and uses some of the most up to date technologies and methods to protect your links.


WP Smartlinks will create the open graph protocol directly from the cloaked site. Giving you a live preview of how your link will look on social sites.


Features Of Smart Link ( Smart Link Review)



👉Create 100% Natural Looking Links that use your own domain

👉Prevents Against Link Devaluation and Blocking

👉Customizable Smart Bridge Page Technology that you control 100%

👉Allows you to “Pixel” any site, even those affiliate sites you have no control over

👉Use your own Domain for SmartLink and all the link juice that comes with that

👉Built-In Reporting

👉100% Social Media Friendly – Yes, SmartLinks Work In Facebook And Twitter

👉SEO Friendly links with natural keywords


Who Is Smart Link For? (Smart Link Review)

=Any affiliate marketers
=E-commence store owners
=Any Newbies
Smart Link Review
Smart Link Review




What can you Do with Smart Link?

Smart Link Review


Smart Link Review


Smart Link Review


Smart Link Review


Smart Link Review


Smart Link Review
Smart Link Review
Smart Link Review


Smart Link Price/ Smart Link Funnel


Frontend: $27-$37 Dimesale–

This Add On enables the following features:

Link monitoring monitors the SmartLink and if it detects the link is broken, then it will auto-detect this and redirect. Say goodbye to broken affiliate links

Auto Redirect SmartLink allows you to set start and end times for links, when the link is visited outside these times it will go to a link of your choosing. Great for limited time offers and means your links will always be pointing somewhere profitable.

Upsell #1: WP Toolkit Smart Links Pro >>$17


Upsell #2: WP Toolkit Ultimate Ads Plugin >> $27

Upsell #3: WP Toolkit GPL >> $67


Smart Link Demo (Smart Link Review)







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Smart Link Review
Smart Link Review





If you are an affiliate marketer or want to start affiliate marketing then you need to get this plugin because in upcoming days big social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter do not accept affiliate links. so you may miss much commission or traffics from those platforms. That is why I recommend you to get this with our bonuses. Thank You
This article contains some affiliate links hence if you purchase the software using any of these links, l will get a commission (at no additional cost to you)


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