Syndbuddy 2.0 Review – Don’t buy this without my bonuses

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Syndbuddy 2.0 Review
Syndbuddy 2.0 Review



Syndbuddy 2.0 Review- [Lunch-October 15th at 11 AM EST]

Hey, welcome to another review of Syndbuddy 2.0. We go through every part of Syndbuddy and give you an understandable knowledge of what it is, why you need to buy this, and many more. We will give you some exclusive bonuses with SyndBuddy. 
 If you have Syndbuddy 1.0 then why you need to buy Syndbuddy 2.0?
I will tell you this-
SyndBuddy 2.0 is a credit-based launch just like 1.0. Regular 1.0 customers WILL have to pay for their upgrade (at a discount) to access our NEW features AND get more credits.

Product- SyndBuddy 2.0
Price – $33
Niche- SEO & Ranking
Lunch- October 15th at 11 AM EST
Bonuses- Yes Of Course!
Recommendations- Highly Recommended

What is SyndBuddy?


SyndBuddy is the NITROUS To our Social Syndication System. This is pretty much the next layer to our social syndication platforms and really takes things to the next level.


We’ve created a platform where THOUSANDS of REAL users, located ALL over the world, are ready to share YOUR content on THEIR social platforms to get ANY URL you Want to be Ranked On Page 1 of Google or YouTube, FAST, and for the LONG-TERM!


And this is by NO MEANS, a NEW platform.


As you saw the REAL-TIME stats on our JV page, we’ve got well over 5,000 users that have performed over 2,000,000 shares of each other’s content!



In case you hadn’t noticed I’ve been focusing A LOT lately on making ALL my ranking/syndication platforms be a SIMPLE and as DFY as possible..

Why you need to buy this? (Syndbuddy 2.0 Review)

👉 Because THAT’S what the market is responding to! 

And BOTH DFY Suite and SyndTrio have been the PERFECT proof of that. 

Yup, I’m talking about:


✔︎ TOTALLY hands-free rankings for ANY niche site or video (or ANY url)

✔︎ ZERO Work on your part besides submitting the URL you want traffic for

✔︎ ZERO learning curve since everything is pretty much DONE FOR YOU..

✔︎ Heck, it doesn’t even matter if you SUCK at SEO, are new to the subject,

or have used “other” ranking tools and FAILED…


Talk about: 🔥🔥🔥🔥  right


Yup, this is going to convert extremely well! 




✅ if you like recurring moola 

✅ love to support PROVEN and long-term apps 

✅ love promoting UNIQUE platforms..


This is the PERFECT fit and checks ALL the boxes! 


✅ it’s a powerful done-for-you type of offer

✅ it’s PROVEN by our existing members and testimonials 

✅ it’s a TRUE discounted offer they’ll be getting


Syndbuddy 2.0 Review


Features & Benefits of SyndBuddy (Syndbuddy 2.0 Review)

  • 100% done for you social syndication from real people located all over the world, so you don’t have to do any of the work yourself.
  • with this Syndbuddy you don’t need to download to learn any kind of software. The only thing you have to do is create your own campaigns and put the URL and put the keyword as you want to rank for.
  • new SyndBuddy 2.0 has an auto-share feature, so you don’t need to share manually. you are guaranteed to get hundred of Ariel social shares per campaign 100% hand free.
  • With this software, you can stay in the number one ranking for the fastest and the longest time without any penalty.
  • No captchas or proxies to deal with, so you save even more money while still getting a ton of results.
  • with the help of automated content generation, you can submit any URL to the sharing pool in 60 Seconds or less.
  • with Syndbuddy 2.0 you will get an agency license to get ranking for your clients as well.

SyndBuddy 2.0 Works In 3 Steps (Syndbuddy 2.0 Review)


Syndbuddy 2.0 Review


Syndbuddy 2.0 Review


Syndbuddy 2.0 Review


What is New In SyndBuddy 2.0? (Syndbuddy 2.0 Review)


Syndbuddy 2.0 Review


Syndbuddy 2.0 Review


Syndbuddy 2.0 Review


Syndbuddy 2.0 Review


Who Is This For?

  • Blogger


  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Local Business owners
  • E-commence 
  • Any Marketers
  • Video Creator
Basically, anyone who wants to rank their site or videos in Search engines.

SyndBuddy 2.0 Prices/SyndBuddy Funnels (Syndbuddy 2.0 Review)

Syndbuddy 2.0 Review


Syndbuddy 2.0 Review


Syndbuddy 2.0 Review


SyndBuddy Demo (Syndbuddy 2.0 Review)



Case study And demo here👇



Bonuses You Get With SyndBuddy 2.0
Bonus #1 Beginner guide For Pinterest Marketing
Bonus #2 Dominate Social Marketing
Bonus #3 Pinterest Canva templates
Bonus #4 Instagram Story QnA templates
Bonus #5 Webby App
Bonus #6  Pinterest Profit Secrets Training Guide
Bonus #7 Vidpix Pro
Bonus #8 Video Strike
Video Strike is a powerful desktop app that creates incredible presentations for your videos & webinars..
Bonus #9 KontrolPress
KontrolPress protects your site from being hacked…
Bonus #10 VidConnect
VConnect curates & monetizes videos on Autopilot so you always have fresh, high converting and easy to rank content on your sites.
Bonus #11 Logo Studio
Logo Studio creates amazing logos with the push of a button from hundreds of high-quality templates.
IMP Instruction: Install Adobe air runtime before using this app..
Bonus #12 Link Supremacy
Link Supremacy provides the perfect balance of backlinks to skyrocket straight to #1 in Google in less than 7 days.
Bonus #13 FB VidMatic creates
FB VidMatic creates entire fully monetized sites out of Facebook newsfeeds!
Bonus #14 VidLock
VidLock is a premium WP plugin that lets you capture leads and make more sales by “locking” your videos until visitors perform a certain action.
Bonus #15 Vid Promo
Vid Promo Pages is a premium page builder that comes with tens of ready made template of our highest converting sales pages…
Bonus #16 10minute buyer traffic Programme
 How to Turn Your Knowledge, Passion, or Expertise into Information Products You Can Sell Online
Bonus #17 Video Marketing excellence
Bonus #18 WP Mobile Coupon Plugin
Grow your client’s business and Facebook fans with creating viral coupons!
Bonus #19 WP Sales Booster Plugin
Take full control over your CTA sales buttons to gain powerful insights to boost your sales.
Bonus #20 WP Youtube Leads Plugin
With this plugin, you can enhance the user engagement of your Youtube videos and increase your mailing lists.
Bonus #21 Affiliate Marketing Master Class
Know these 4 Simple Steps to drive 1000s of buyer traffic to your store.
Bonus #22 Agency Rights to Viral List Builder


Training lets you Create Viral Lists on your Website or Landing Pages. Plus you get Agency Rights, So you can use it for Any of Your Existing or new clients.

Bonus #23 Content Marketing strategies

Million Dollars planning on how to do Marketing

Bonus #24 Agency Business WP Theme

It is perfect for building business & corporate websites of any purpose, creative portfolios & blogs, attractive online shops, and much more.

Bonus #25 Find out Low Competition High CPC keywords in just 30 Minute

Bonus #26 100 Products With Reseller Rights

Bonus #27 How to Get More leads

Million Doller Case study on how to promote your Product, Where to promote, and how to promote

Bonus #28 UltraVid

UltraVid creates 1-click video sites complete with monetization.


Total Real Market Price – $4797 

Syndbuddy 2.0


Syndbuddy 2.0 Review



Frequently Asked Questions
Q.Is there any software to download?

No. This is a web-app which is 100%, done-for-you since our SyndBuddy army does ALL the work for you. All you have to do is submit your URL and keywords.

Q.Do I have to share other members’ content?

Turning auto-share on is 100% optional. Obviously the best thing to do is for everyone to have auto-share turned on so that you’re helping other members as well. However, it is optional and we already have A TON of members sharing content every day.

Q.Do I have to pay for Proxies or Captchas?

Absolutely NOT! The reason we made this system was so you don’t have to worry about ANYTHING! Just submit your info and the SB army takes it from there.

Q.Is this a one-time payment or monthly?

For the packages above, you’re paying a one-time fee for the amount of credits of the package you choose. As mentioned above, you also have the ability to turn auto-share on to earn more credits by letting the SyndBuddy system perform the social actions on other members’ content through your social profiles. You can also use SyndCreator To create a NEW set of social accounts if you choose to.

Q.How Do The Credits Work?

The SyndBuddy credit system is easy and effective:

3 credits = 1 Facebook “Share” from another SyndBuddy member
3 credits = 1 Tweet from another SyndBuddy member
1 credit = 1 Social Bookmark from another SyndBuddy member (we have over 10 bookmarking sites)
1 credit = 1 Web 2.0 Syndication from another SyndBuddy member
1 credit = 1 real view from another SyndBuddy member (you decide how long they must watch)
2 credits = 1 Facebook “Like” from another SyndBuddy member

Q.Is there a refund policy?

Yes, absolutely. We are extremely confident in what we’ve created. So confident that you’ll be able to use SyndBuddy for a full 30-days and if within those 30 days you feel SyndBuddy is not for you, then just shoot us an email and we’ll give you a full refund.

Final Thought of Syndbuddy 2.0 review

Whenever someone creates a blog or a video online, he wants that thing to reach everyone. But reaching out to all of them is not an easy task, it takes a lot of hard work.  And this is where SyndBuddy will do your job, which will allow you to rank on page 1 and reach more people.
SyndBuddy 2.0 review


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Disclaimer: This article contains some affiliate links hence if you purchase the software using any of these links, l will get a commission (at no additional cost to you)



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