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trafficize review



Welcome to Trafficize Review. My name is Apurba Dutta. I am an Internet Marketer and professional review writer on various money-making software, plugin, and apps.

As a beta tester, I have review access to TrafficizeAnd today I am going to give my honest opinion on Tafficize, the Free buyer traffic Software.

Tafficize is a one-page website with links to all your important pages and from there you can send your traffic to wherever you want. We all know that we can put only one link in the bio of Instagram and TikTok but if we have many pages to which we want to send traffic it would not be possible to send it through that one link. HERE comes Trafficize for you. THE ONLY TRAFFIC LINK YOU EVER NEED

Trafficize allows you to access your innovative traffic link and bio page platform that turns your TikTok, Instagram, or pretty much anywhere you use it into a traffic Simphoning magnet.

Table Of Content

1.Overview & Details About Trafficize Review

2.So what is Trafficize All About?

3. How Does Trafficize Work?

4.What Includes Inside The Product?

5.Why You should use Trafficize?

6.Benefits Of Trafficize

7. Who Is perfect for this software?

8.Price Of Trafficize

9. Watch Trafficize In Action. (Trafficize Demo)

11.My final opinion on Trafficize Review



Overview & Details About Trafficize Review

  • Vendor: Paul OkeffeeRichard FairbairnSteven Harvey
  • Product: Trafficize
  • Launch Date: 2020-nov-4
  • Launch Time: 3:00 PM EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Bonus: Special Bonus
  • Refund: 14 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • Experience Needed: All Levels
  • Niche: Traffic Driven
  • Support: Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
  • Recommend: Highly recommend!

So what is Trafficize All About?

trafficize is a brand new cloud-based software app that allows you to direct your free buyer traffic from TikTok, Instagram, and pretty much anywhere and turn that sem traffic into a major profit.
You can create as many backlinks as you want on Instagram and TikTok( similar app) allowing your customer to tap into this HUGE traffic source. 
you don’t need to change your profile or bio to put your website, lead magnets, and offers in front of engaged buyers.

How Does Trafficize Work?

Trafficize review


Just put your Page Links(Affiliate Offers, Your own products, Build an email list, CPA offers, other social media page links) where you want to drive your traffic.
Trafficize is fully customizable. It has a drag & drops feature so just customize your Page and Bio as you like.
Trafficize will give you a buyer traffic link. You just need to put this link on your social media accounts. 
Your buyers will click on those links and go to their destination and you will make money easily.

What Includes Inside The Product

1.Shorten Links
                                   after using trafficize you don’t need to use any other links shortener app like bit-ly. now just say goodbye to long URLs with the trafficize inbuilt link shortener.
2.In-depth Statistics
                                  you will love to see that the software gives you a clean inside of every single link that you ever created inside this platform.  and you will be able to see the clicks, impressions, referral traffic, browsers, devices, latest activities on your links.  So this is inbuilt Google analytics you get with trafficize.
  If you know what happened with your website or links or offer that you give then you can optimize it with the statistics so that will increase your conversion rate.
3.Use With A Custom Domain
                          you will be happy to know that, you can use this software with your own custom domain. just you need to follow some steps in the platform and your custom domain will be linked to this software in no time.
 and the best part is you don’t need any hosting to use this software because everything is done on vendors’ cloud servers. no need to pay any web hosting expenses.
4.Awesome Front Icons
                            you can make your page stand out by using over 7000+ different awesome font icons inside the trafficize dashboard.
                                  this is the great feature itself. now you have more control over the links you put on this software. just turning them on and off automatically. This is a great way to rotate your links without doing manually or constantly do at the day in or a day out. Just pick your start and end date, doodle update, and go about your business. This software will handle the rest 
6.Animation Links
                        You can add animation to your link, which is a great way to Grab attention on your link.   
Some animation effects link tada, wobble, bounce, rubber band effect, swing, shake, and more.     

Why You Should Use Trafficize?

  • Link Multiple Money Pages, Get Traffic, and Get Paid!
  • No Need To Lose Your Wallet With Paid Ads Anymore!
  • Perfect For Newbies and Advanced Marketers Alike!
  • Shows Correctly On Every Device So You Don’t Miss Any Opportunity At The Sale!
  • 100% Runs In The Cloud – No Messy Downloads or Installations!

Benefits Of Trafficize ( Trafficize Review)

Trafficize Review

Who Is Perfect For Trafficize Software?

1.Any Online Marketers
3.Social Influencers
4.Local Businesses with an online presence 
5.Affiliate Marketers
6.CPA Marketers 

Price/Upsell Of Tafficize

FE Trafficize – Main Offer [$27-$37]
Lifetime Access To The Trafficize platform
Access An Untapped Traffic Source Instantly
Create Unlimited Biopages
Create Unlimited Campaigns
Create Unlimited Links
Stylish Biolink Pages – Create And Manage Multiple Pages
Fully customizable – Match your style or add your own touch
Full Statistics Suite – See exactly which links are giving you the best results
And Much More
Plus Massive Giveaway on the Front-End 
Trafficize Pro – Remove the shackles from the Trafficize FE by giving you unlimited…well…everything!
2x VIP Training Courses – Get Your First 1000 Followers on TikTok and Instagram
Agency Rights – Sell Biopages as a service to clients
Reseller Rights – Normally an expensive OTO at the end of the funnel. By picking up the front-end of Trafficize your customers will also receive full reseller rights. HUGE SELLING POINT.
OTO 1 – Trafficize Autobahn [$37] ($Plus Gold [$87] and Platinum [$97] Options
The autobahn addon lets Trafficize run in the fast-lane so you can experience more traffic, sales and profits without doing the hard work.
This upgrade also gives Gold and Platinum options, which include resellers and an optional traffic package where we will send 10,000 real visitors to your business. This normally sells at $197 for the reseller and $297 for the traffic 
Our new software will help you create high converting TikTok Marketing campaigns to boost leads, sales, and profits.
Use this software to increase reach by cross-promoting your TikTok content on other social platforms.
TikTok Marketing has become the best technique for marketers to make the most from their advertising efforts, and if not given adequate importance, it can prove fatal for your business.
Not only does it give you more opportunities to enhance your credibility, but you can easily stay on top of the minds of your targeted audience on a long-term basis.
TikTok marketing is the hidden key to reach out instantly to widely scattered customers and boost ROI in a convenient manner.
Here are just some of the features includes in this new software:
GROWTH ANALYTICS – Keep track of any public TikTok profile and generate day by day statistics.
PROJECTIONS – Generate predictions based on already existing data.
EXPORT TO CSV OR PDF – Some of the data from the generated TikTok profiles reports can be also exported.
API – The ability to access the stored TikTok related data via a REST API.
TIKTOK VIDEO DOWNLOADER – Download TikTok videos as MP4 format and download the Music of the TikTok video as well as MP3 format.
LISTS – Create, update and delete Lists to help you save and categorize specific TikTok profiles that you want to keep track of
OTO 2 –  Trafficize TikTok Empire [$97 + $7.95 Recurring]
Trafficize TikTok Empire is a completely Done-For-You TikTok business, guaranteed to bring in your first set of followers.
Our team of designers will create fresh daily content for your business that will push your engagement, traffic and sales through the roof
This will all be unique to you, designed to turn your TikTok accounts into an evergreen traffic machine
We’ll design the content for you
We’ll create the content for you
We’ll edit the content for you
We’ll deliver the content for you
You just sit back and watch it grow
Trafficize TikTok Empire is the FAST-TRACK to gaining followers and making money online with TikTok.
OTO 3 – Trafficize Turbo – Monetization Edition [$47]
Instantly monetize your Trafficize biopages with our Turbo Platform.
The Turbo platform gives you a huge set of over 70+ DFY offers, DFY Bonus Pages and over 200+ bonuses that you can use to give away in your promotions.
You can add these offers to your Trafficize profile to instantly monetize and start earning straight away. You can even build your own campaigns inside the app thanks to our drag’n’drop campaign editor.
Over 70 Campaigns Ready To Go
Build Your Own Campaign Drag and Drop
Over 200 Bonuses To Use With Your Campaigns
OTO 4 – Trafficize Business Accelerator – Your Own Turnkey Online Business [$497 or 2x $249 or 3x $169]
Your users will be able to start their very own online business. Simply pick from one of 5 different niches and we will build an automated/outsourced/reseller business for you – designed to generate passive income.
You don’t even need to buy your own inventory or own any of your own products as your store will be fully stocked from day 1.

Watch Trafficize In Action. (Trafficize Demo)




My Final Opinion On Trafficize Review

we are now at the end of the Trafficize Review. this software is a potential to drive traffic of your selected destination. So don’t think too much just try it for 14 days. If you think it doesn’t work your way, then feel free to return. They have option of 14 days trialThis literally makes it risky for you not to try!
REMEMBER: If you buy from my link you will get 24*7 support from my side. That means you can contact me anytime. When you get into trouble or can’t able to contact the author, I will help you RIGHT AWAY.
Click Below to see+claim The Bonuses That made for this software. 


Trafficize Review

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